Billing Review / Revenue Cycle Audit

For every business to run smoothly & grow, you need to keep a check and find out if the services you provide are paid accurately. TechMedUS gives you just that! And free of cost! Not only we provide free Billing review & Audit but also identify the gaps from where you can increase revenue.

Advantages of choosing us:

  • Free of Cost service.
  • Detailed analysis of your aging report.
  • Improve Billing Efficiency.
  • Improve Claims Accuracy.
  • Coding Tips to Maximize Your Reimbursement.
  • Improve Business Workflows & Systems.
  • If any of the revenue has been lost due to invalid adjustments, under payments or denials, we will bring it to your notice.
  • We will inform you about an approximate amount that can still be recovered.
  • With your approval, the recovery process will be initiated & you will be charged only a small percentage of the amount recovered.
  • More time for you to spend with the patients.


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