• February 24, 2019
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Medical data entry is considered a tedious process. It requires high level patience and concentration. Our accurate data processing ensures clean claims and does reduce denials drastically.

Patient Registration (improving self-pay collections and patient experience)

Our experienced team with excellent customer service registers all patient information with high accuracy. Our demographics registration process captures accurate patient, guarantor and insurance information.

Our process includes the following checks:

  • New patient or existing patient
  • If new patient, capture all required information

Existing patient – Update latest insurance, patient and guarantor information.

Charges (improve charge capture accuracy and clean claim submission rate while achieving faster turnaround and reducing costs) 

Charge entry is the integral part of billing module. Our staff has the right skills for adding CPT’s and ICD’s as per the rules and regulations of CMS and state laws following by customized insurances guidelines.

Before transmitting the claims to the insurance payer through the clearing house, the entered charges are audited by the Quality Assurance (QA) team to ensure a ‘clean claim’ is submitted.

Don’t let code compliance get in the way of providing exceptional patient care. Let us enhance your coding quality and accuracy, and reduce claim denials.